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Greg Lilles

Cell 778 389 2566

Jane Clasby
Associate Counsel

Cell 604 616 7602

When it comes to personal injuries, we help our clients navigate the health care system to ensure they are properly diagnosed and treated for their injuries, while at the same time pursuing all of the claims they may be entitled to bring as a result of their accident.  What sets us apart from other law firms is that we don’t point to our successes in court as evidence of our experience and ability. Instead, we note that more than 95% of personal injury claims are resolved through negotiation, and that we consistently achieve successful results for our clients in this process. As a result, we point to testimonials from our clients, and note that our success comes nearly 50 years of combined experience, which has allowed us to develop a good professional working relationship with insurers like ICBC. On the rare occasion that a client’s claims proceed to court, we have significant experience in conducting successful trials for our clients.


As for family law, we take great care in balancing both the legal and emotional aspect of our clients’ needs.  Most importantly, we recognize that family law often requires parties to maintain a relationship after separation, usually as a result of children, and so it is important the legal process be as least confrontational as possible in order not to de-rail the ongoing relationship.  We also understand that our duty to our clients includes the need to keep their legal fees to a minimum.


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